Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tennessee Nursing Homes

I have worked in nursing homes most of my nursing career. Geriatric patients have always been my favorite patients mainly because they are who they are with no false pretenses. The elderly
need all the help we can give them just as children do. They are dependent on us to keep them safe . This is the main reason I started this blog,not to complain about nursing,but to bring awareness to the dangers of short staffing in nursing homes and the threat it presents to the care of our elderly population. We will all be old some day or dependent on someone if we live.
It is a scary prospect that many people don't think about. Even the president will some day require help from someone,but being who he is,he will have the best care money can buy. As always,it is the haves and the have nots that determines who gets what in this world.