Friday, August 19, 2011

August 19,2011-Nurse Retention

Until Management understands that we as nurses are important there will continue to be nurses re-cycling from one facility to another.
We are told that if we don't like it we can go somewhere else. Due to the economy they think they have us by the short hairs-we have to do whatever we are told without question take any and all abuse work our asses off and do it without question. We are overworked and responsible for others lives.
The stress causes insomnia,bad stomachs,headaches yet there is no relief in sight for us. We are written up,abused by family members ,doctors,other nurses , patients and managemnet. 
Nursing has become a thankless profession.

Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5,2011

When I first became a nurse in 1986 I knew what I had to do and would put in my eight hours and go home-period-I had time to get to know my patients and to do all I had to do in my eight hours and I was over a Med-Surg unit!Now there is fine print and sub-titles to everthing you do. It is all about the almighty dollar and we are sheep and the ones above us are sheep and on and on. We have too many patients with acute illnesses,we deal with management,other departments,backstabbers,
family members,Doctors,Lab,x-ray,Hospice etc, and the never ending paper work. We can't ask a patient how they are because we don't have time for the answer. We just say here are your meds or good morning and then we have to move on down the line. We have to deal with the drug seekers and the complainers and the bitching family members. Now,because of the high unemployment rate,we have to take what is dished out but I hope I live long enough to see a major revolt in Healthcare because boomers are retiring and young people are going into Computer Tech jobs or Business .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Hate Nursing!

Well,after a lot of considerration I have become Semi-Retired. After quitting another nursing job
the thought of returning to the floor caused my stomach to clench. During this last job I stayed sick all the time-stomach,allergies,insomnia,mouth ulcers,weight loss from stress. The mouth ulcers costs me a lot of money in treatments ,Doctors,Dentists,ENTS. Since leaving this last job as Diretor of Nursing, I have taken no allegy meds. My health is slowly returning but it will take some time to build back up.
Someone said to me once that Nurses are co-dependent people. I believe I have hated nursing from the beginning and because of being an independent person (not needing to depend on what I do to define who I am) but stayed in it because life has a way of preventing you from changing careers-family matters,money matters etc.
Nursing is one of those love/hate situations for some of us. We feel that once in a while we make a differance but that is so rare these days. I had become so cynical that I didn't post for the last two years but I am back and will be glad to listen to others that hate nursing or are on the edge.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don’t Become a Nurse

Don’t Become a Nurse

The Top Ten Reasons Why People Become Nurses - Associated Content

The Top Ten Reasons Why People Become Nurses - Associated Content

Nursing profession bad because we are primarily females?

Interesting article today about how nursing will never improve because we are mostly females.
and until there are more males in the profession ,nothing will change.

Nurses fall into several catagories 1) Co-dependent- they get their recognition by helping others,serving others,waiting on others2.) Bitches/Bastards-They get their recognition by belittling others ,bossing others,backstabbing. 3.) Desperate -had to have a job that paid fairly well to support their family 4.)Delusional-Were fooled into thinking it was a beautiful calling
with respect and dignity

Male nurses would not be treated the way females are and so this would in turn cause there to be more respect for nursing in general if there were more males in the profession.This is probably true in all workplaces but especially in Nursing.

Male nurses are treated better than female nurses. I know they start out making more money for the same job and they pass on as much as they can to the female nurses.I have had a male nurse try to get me to cath patients for him (didn't matter if they were male or female pts.)My answer was always F... you ! Most male nurses want to be treated like they are Drs and give orders.But,since this is a profession that many males do not want to pursue,I guess changes
will continue to be slow in coming. Laws sit in congress growing fungus for changes in nursing
but how seriously are we taken?