Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nursing profession bad because we are primarily females?

Interesting article today about how nursing will never improve because we are mostly females.
and until there are more males in the profession ,nothing will change.

Nurses fall into several catagories 1) Co-dependent- they get their recognition by helping others,serving others,waiting on others2.) Bitches/Bastards-They get their recognition by belittling others ,bossing others,backstabbing. 3.) Desperate -had to have a job that paid fairly well to support their family 4.)Delusional-Were fooled into thinking it was a beautiful calling
with respect and dignity

Male nurses would not be treated the way females are and so this would in turn cause there to be more respect for nursing in general if there were more males in the profession.This is probably true in all workplaces but especially in Nursing.

Male nurses are treated better than female nurses. I know they start out making more money for the same job and they pass on as much as they can to the female nurses.I have had a male nurse try to get me to cath patients for him (didn't matter if they were male or female pts.)My answer was always F... you ! Most male nurses want to be treated like they are Drs and give orders.But,since this is a profession that many males do not want to pursue,I guess changes
will continue to be slow in coming. Laws sit in congress growing fungus for changes in nursing
but how seriously are we taken?

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