Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Hate Nursing!

Well,after a lot of considerration I have become Semi-Retired. After quitting another nursing job
the thought of returning to the floor caused my stomach to clench. During this last job I stayed sick all the time-stomach,allergies,insomnia,mouth ulcers,weight loss from stress. The mouth ulcers costs me a lot of money in treatments ,Doctors,Dentists,ENTS. Since leaving this last job as Diretor of Nursing, I have taken no allegy meds. My health is slowly returning but it will take some time to build back up.
Someone said to me once that Nurses are co-dependent people. I believe I have hated nursing from the beginning and because of being an independent person (not needing to depend on what I do to define who I am) but stayed in it because life has a way of preventing you from changing careers-family matters,money matters etc.
Nursing is one of those love/hate situations for some of us. We feel that once in a while we make a differance but that is so rare these days. I had become so cynical that I didn't post for the last two years but I am back and will be glad to listen to others that hate nursing or are on the edge.

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LisaAnnB said...

I was a nurse for 2 years and I decided I just couldn't take it anymore. It was worth the money to go back to school and change directions while I still had a chance. I had my BSN so it was only 2 years to get my bachelors in accounting. I have one year left now and let me tell you, it is the best thing I have ever done. I used to feel the same way about nursing. I would get anxiety and get so upset everytime I had to go to work. I switched units a few times but it was always the same feeling. I am glad I changed while I could and if you have the means to do something different as well, then good for you and good luck to you.